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I am a Certified Travel Advisor. If you would like help building your itinerary, please visit the contact page and type "ITINERARY" in the subject line. I do not charge for my service.

...SEE  IT!...FEEL  IT!...LIVE  IT!... 
This is a great place for vision board ideas and to plan your next amazing adventure. Let your inner child out to play. Get creative. Plan a food tour. How about a ghost hunting experience? Maybe a road trip through iconic Route 66 or the Pacific Coast Highway. One word, OVERSEAS.

What Time is it? It's Play Time!!! 10 Ideas to stir the IMAGINATION
  1. It's time to sit in the dining car on a cross country train, rich in American History, With a drink in your hand and a friend by your side, headed towards Yosemite
  2. It's time for a romantic couples massage at a luxury, five star hotel with spa amenities. 
  3. It's time to be spontaneous. Surprise someone with a flight to your favorite destination, just to have dinner at a local restaurant. 
  4. How 'bout Vegas, Baby? 
  5. How fun would it be to host a themed group get away? 
  6. Add a little spice to your business travel by adding Theater Tickets for after the meeting. 
  7. Cruise the seven seas. 
  8. Go whale watching in Alaska
  9. Are you a thrill seeker? 
  10. Simply plan a scenic drive through the countryside. It's time to go!
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