The Journey of The Casual Traveler 
The photo to the right is me, in 2019, waiting for a bus to Michigan.

Dear Reader,

Thanks for visiting my passion project. I could tell you many stories from my crazy life. Some experiences touched me to my very core while others seemed to take my breath away. Some even left me speechless, without a voice. Every experience has taught me something new. Allowing myself to be present in the mind, body and soul, while immersing myself in every aspect of the experience, captivates me. I've seen some truly breath taking life events that sent shivers down my spine. My photographs are inspired by the picturesque natural wonders of this wild universe.

My journey as The Casual Traveler began back in 2018. That’s when the idea and original version of the website was created. Now, published in 2022, It has changed in so many ways and so have I. My life to this point, has been quite an interesting journey in and of itself. I was pretty busy. I was a teenage parent then a young mother of three, married and divorced a time or two, became a grandmother of five, moved more times then I can count, lived in four states and my resume is six pages long. I've driven cars, trucks, forklifts, recreation vehicles and a motorcycle, I have lived in houses, apartments, condos, hotels, motels and even in a tent.

I have taken over a million photos and had many amazing adventures along the way. I've taken busses, trains and trollys. I've flown, drove and cruised. I walked barefoot through the mountains and across hot sandy beaches. I have waded through knee high swamps and stargazed lying on the roof of my car. I have been to all the great lakes, traveled to 27 states (plus Canada for a beer) and counting, and it all led me here. I suppose I was destined for this next journey, the Journey of The Casual Traveler. I'm interested to see where all this is going. We'll see. Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you again soon.

Best Wishes,

The Purpose for creating this website:
The purpose of this website is to follow my soul journey and share a little along the way.

Mission Statement:
I have analyzed myself enough to know what I desire. I believe in myself and how I relate with the world around me. I create anything I want. I allow myself to feel all emotions. I know I have the ability to understand that everything is a process. I am life. I breathe, I live, I love and I utilize all my gifts and talents as I welcome change.

The 8 Principles I live by:
  1. I have everything I need.
  2. I’m here because I want to be here. 
  3. I Believe in the impossible.
  4. I Know what I’m asking for.
  5. I Do not resist change.
  6. I Just Breathe!!! 
  7. My Journey is the whole point of the story.
  8. I love my independence!

Vision Statement:
My vision is to create a peaceful existence and leave the rest to be sorted out by the universe.
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